Igniting the power of us

How we do it


Exploring the moving pieces


is about course-correcting or developing systems so they deliver and work equally as well for all of us.


is about our differences and is the fabric of who we are.


is the action; it is how we leverage diversity around us.

What our clients are saying

“Nita’s guidance challenged and championed us to align our values and practices. She guided us through the institutionalization of inclusiveness and equity. She facilitated our strategic vision and our strategic plan. We will forever be grateful.”

Cathy Phelps, MA, LCSW | Executive Director, The Center for Trauma & Resilience

I’ve heard many inclusion and diversity speakers over the years, but Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler was the first to share many firsts, including the clearest definitions of diversity, inclusion and equity. Her transparent style, honest conversation and real-life stories filled us with energy and passion to help us move forward and excel in our I&D efforts. Beyond the motivation, she provided tangible and simple steps for action.

Jacob Lawrence | Office Head – Colorado, Utah & Wyoming Willis Towers Watson


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