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You may find yourself asking, “is there truly a difference between Equity and Equality or Inclusion and Diversity?” We often see these words without any clear definitions explaining the difference between them, which has led to systematic failure in creating equitable systems. The Equity Project, LLC exists to provide comprehensive tools for businesses, local governments, nonprofits and community organizations to explore equity in effective and transformative ways.

The Equity Project, LLC is a culmination of 30+ years of experience in government, for-profit and non-profit sectors. We sought to create a company where the sole objective is to level set definitions of these terms to deliver equitable services to all people, in all systems. Our vision comes alive through sharing effective solutions and creating data analytics around what people need to do to create equity-based systems.

What makes The Equity Project, LLC stand out?
We created our own lane. There are companies that focus on diversity and inclusion or racial inequality. These companies spend hours talking about those issues while overlooking an integral piece – equity.

Equity sounds like a buzz word, but it isn’t. Equity is about developing or course-correcting systems so they deliver and work equally well for all of us. Equity is about honoring the intentionality of inclusion – giving respect and attention to the rich diversity around us. Equity can happen through designing, evaluating and correcting our systems and markets to ensure they deliver equally well for all of us.

Sounds simple right? It is a bit complex, but The Equity Project, LLC can show you how it’s done.



Who we work with

We work with federal, state, and local government to support strategic course correcting. To help our clients accomplish their goals, we design programming, deliver workshops and trainings, analysis and reports; we also provide expert facilitation for problem solving and planning efforts.

Communities and Nonprofits
Community based organizations and nonprofits play an integral role in systems change across different markets.
We provide the structure, the tools and the facilitation to create internal and external facing systems that address equity.

Regardless of size or mission, businesses play a significant role in equity for their employees and communities. We develop strategies and plans for businesses that want to course correct equity within their systems.

We have all the right tools. let us Help You.

Nita Mosby Tyler, Ph.D. | Chief Catalyst, The Equity Project, LLC

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